The South African Transplantation Society will always strive to benefit the patient and the profession of transplantation through advocacy, innovation and with integrity.


The Society shall be named The Southern African Transplantation Society.


The objects of the Society shall be to advance the science of transplantation and to facilitate contact between those interested in transplantation and related subjects.


  • Section 1: Members
    Any person who is, or has been engaged in research, or in the practice of the broad field of transplantation, shall be eligible for election as a member.
  • Section 2: Honorary Members
    Any person of distinction who has contributed to the advancement of transplantation or allied sciences may be made an Honorary Member by the approval of the EXCO Committee. Honorary Members shall enjoy the privileges of the Society, but shall not have the right to vote, and will not be obliged to pay subscriptions.
  • Section 3: Election of Members
    Nomination for membership shall be in writing to the Secretary of the Society and shall be signed by any two members. Each nomination must be accompanied by a curriculum vitae including publications of the nominee. The Committee of the Society shall evaluate the qualifications of the nominees and shall submit to the Society at a General Meeting the names of those persons it recommends for membership. The members, by a concurring vote of the simple majority of those present at a General Meeting, may elect by ballot any nominees thus submitted.
  • Section 4: Obligations of Members
    With membership of the Society goes the responsibility of maintaining a sustained interest in its affairs and objectives.
  • Section 5: Dues
    Each member shall pay an annual subscription in the amount set by the Committee of the Society. This subscription becomes due in the first quarter of each year. Members whose subscription are in arrears may, at the discretion of the Committee, be dropped from the Society.
  • Section 6: Registration Fee
    A registration fee may be designated by the Committee of the Society to defray expenses of any meeting held by the Society.
  • Section 7: Rights and Privileges of Members
    Members may participate in the business and scientific sessions of the Society, may vote at meetings and shall be eligible for election to office in the Society.


  • Section 1: The Committees
    A Committee consisting of a President, and 2 members of the EXCO shall conduct the business of the Society.
  • Section 2: Terms of Offices
    The terms of office for President shall be two (2) years. The President is eligible for re-election for a further two-year period. Thereafter the president may only be re-elected after a two-year absence from office. The terms of office for the Secretary and Committees shall be two (2) years each, and they are eligible for re-election.
  • Section 3: Duties of Officers
    The President shall be Chairman of the Committee. In his absence the other Committee Members shall elect a chairman for that particular meeting. The Secretary shall keep minutes of the proceedings of the Society’s meetings and General Meeting, and of the meetings of the Committee. At the General Meeting the Secretary shall report on the work done by the Society since the last meeting. The other officers shall have the powers and perform the duties that may be prescribed by the Committee. The treasurer shall present a Treasurer’s report to the General Meeting.
  • Section 4: A Quorum of the Committee
    Three members shall form a quorum at a meeting of the Committee.
  • Section 5: Election of Officers
    The Society shall from the list of ordinary members elect, by ballot after nomination, a President and a Committee at a General Meeting in terms of the provisions of ARTICLE 4, Section 2.
  • Section 6: Co-option of Additional Committee Members
    The Committee shall have the power to co-opt either additional Committee members or members to fill any incidental vacancy. Such co-opted Committee members shall have al the powers and rights of elected members and shall serve until the next General Meeting.
  • Section 7: Committee Meetings
    The Committee shall meet just before or at the times of the Society’s General Meeting. The Secretary shall notify the Committee of the forthcoming meeting more than a month before and shall send them the note of the Agenda two weeks before. Additional meetings of the Committee may be called at the discretion of the President between General Meetings of the society. This Committee shall conduct the business of the Society. In between meetings the President and Secretary shall conduct the business of the Society, in consultation with the other Committee members if deemed necessary. The Secretary shall be required to report back to the next Committee meeting any action taken for final ratification by the committee.


  • Section 1: Meeting
    The Society shall hold meetings at least biennially.
  • Section 2: Additional Meetings
    Additional meetings may be held at the discretion of the Committee or by resolution at a General Meeting of the Society.
  • Section 3: Venues of Meetings
    The venue of each future Meeting of the Society shall be determined at the previous General Meeting, on the suggestion of the Committee.
  • Section 4: The Work of the Meetings of the Society
    The work of Meetings shall consist of the making of communications. The Secretary shall give six month’s notice of the place and date of the meeting and at the same time shall invite contributions. At least two weeks before the meeting he shall issue the agenda paper. Each member may submit papers or may sponsor papers by non-members at each Meeting. Members may also introduce visitors to the Meetings of the Society.
  • Section 5: General Meetings
    During the statutory biennial meetings of the Society, a General Meeting shall be held to discuss the business of the Society. Additional General Meetings may be held during any meetings of the Society in the intervening period, at the discretion of the Committee and after due notification of Members at least six (6) weeks prior to such a meeting. The President shall be Chairman of all General Meetings. Any member may bring before a General meeting any matter of business, which he or she considers, requires the attention of the Society.


  • Section 1: Signing of Cheques
    Cheques shall be signed by any one signatory as authorised by the Committee.
  • Section 2: Balance Sheets
    At the Biennial General Meeting of the Society the Treasurer shall present a balance sheet to the Society.
  • Section 3: Investment
    the Committee is empowered to invest such capital of the Society as may be necessary, and in such manner, which they consider feasible.
  • Section 4: Dissolution of the Society
    In the event of the dissolution of the Society the outgoing Committee shall decide on the disposal of the funds.


Amendments to the Constitution must be submitted by notice of motion duly signed and seconded by two members at last six weeks before a General Meeting, and may then be acted upon at the General Meeting. Notices of the proposed amendment or amendments will be sent to the membership and its acceptance shall require an affirmative vote of two-thirds of those voting in person or by proxy at the General Meeting.


English and Afrikaans shall be languages of equal status in the proceeding of the Society, and communications shall be presented in the languages chosen by the member making the contribution.


At the discretion of the Committee affiliation may be sought to other Societies.
SATS is the voice of professionals working in the field of Transplantation.

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